We very much look forward to growing the dNami developer/user community. The dNami project is at its early stage and we have not demonstrated its full potential yet. However, it is mature enough to benefit from the momentum of a community of enthusiasts. We therefore welcome contributions. At the moment we are keen to grow the areas below.

Contributing examples and test cases

We look forward to seeing dNami used to solve problems from many different fields. If you would like to contribute an example, please prepare an exm/*-like folder with the equations, numerics and a as well as a short write-up of the problem and dNami results in the Test cases and validation section of the documentation. Then submit a pull request so that we can review it for acceptance. Thank you for helping us grow the example section.

Extending the documentation

If you want to add additional content to the documentation, add/edit .rst files in the doc/usage directory and also update doc/index.rst (if necessary). Please make sure the documentation compiles locally before submitting a pull request.

In order to generate the html documentation the following Python packages are needed:

  1. Sphinx

  2. sphinx-rtd-theme

  3. pydata-sphinx-theme

  4. sphinxcontrib.bibtex

They can be installed using the following command:

pip3 install -U Sphinx
pip3 install -U sphinx-rtd-theme
pip3 install -U pydata-sphinx-theme
pip3 install -U sphinxcontrib.bibtex

Build the documentation by changing into the doc directory and executing the following command:

make html

After building the documentation the _build/html directory should contain the index.html startpage.

Issues and support

If you discover a bug or an issue with the code, please open an issue with a clear write-up of the problem and steps to replicate it for us to investigate.